Montgomery Partners specializes in acquiring value-add apartment investments in targeted markets, typically urban in-fill California locations. The majority of these investments are solid Class B properties which demonstrate a level of potential profit to be achieved through renovations and focused asset management. The firm selects, analyzes, and negotiates investments on behalf of our clients, and represents investors in all aspects of the acquisition and ownership process, including securing conservative financing. We select and screen potential investments using a rigorous set of criteria and our own proprietary underwriting model, based on the operating history of the property, its local market, and the experience gained from our previous and current portfolios in those markets.

Focus on Location

We operate in well defined Northern and Southern California locations, and as a result, we have direct knowledge of our targeted investment markets. The California economy continues to offer one of the safest investment havens for investment-grade real estate in the world, and it is by design that 100% of our investments have been in this state. Coastal in-fill markets are traditionally viewed as the most stable investment environments based on their strong employment drivers, barriers to entry, rental supply/demand balance, fundamentals, and overall performance.

Unlock Embedded Value

We believe it is critical both to buy correctly and to maximize value after we acquire an asset. In order to achieve these goals, our management affiliate, Montgomery Capital Management (MCM), transforms the asset’s overall attractiveness by enhancing curb appeal, improving interior renovations upon unit turnover, upgrading tenant amenities, and rigorously managing the property, thereby increasing its saleability and liquidity.

Strong Management Team

Montgomery Partners and MCM have an experienced team of real estate professionals with backgrounds in acquisition, finance, asset management, property management, brokerage, and construction, all working together in order to carry out property specific business plans.

Significant Access to Deal Flow

A cornerstone of our strategy is acquiring properties not offered on the open market. The vast majority of the transactions we pursue are marketed quietly, rather than openly listed. We have established long-term relationships with principals and the brokerage community in all the markets in which we seek to acquire assets. We have developed these relationships over decades of transaction history, and this approach provides unique access to product. Simply put, sellers and brokers work with us because we are credible and active closers.